Death of the Isolated Elderly: A True Story

Herald was a quiet, 75-year-old gentleman whose only relative lived out of the country.

He kept to himself and who could blame him?

His coffee pals, with whom he daily joked, had dwindled until he was the last.

Bacteria Testing Measures Real Cleanliness


What is a good measure of clean?

In a 2014 story about the top germiest places in the office, Fox Business recorded the readings below with the same ATP instrument used by AZ Bio.

ATP readings in the workplace:

  • Breakroom – 46 RLU
  • Bathroom – 49 RLU
  • Candy machine – 328 RLU
  • Office microwave – 408 RLU
  • Cell phone: – 982 RLU
  • Keyboard (multiple users) – 1,144 RLU

RLU stands for relative light unit – a measure accepted by scientists as a standard of cleanliness.

Bacteria Testing Measures Real Cleanliness

See the 2014 Fox Business story:

According to reporter Gerri Willis, “anything under 100 is considered relatively clean; above 300 – clean it immediately.”


The goal of Az-Bio…

…is to leave cleaned sites with an RLU measure of 0 to 10, and always less than 30. Az-Bio is the only Arizona biohazard cleanup company that offers ATP bacteria testing to help its clients know how clean the area.

If you need a clean up that can be verified through science, call AZ Bio Director of Operations Joe Trasser at 602-515-2364.

Bacteria Testing Measures Real Cleanliness

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